Jubilee Szentágothai Day
The Szentágothai János Research Centre (SzRC) of the University of Pécs has come a long way since its foundation stone was laid. In the last 10 years, it has become a nationally and internationally renowned institution in the field of biomedical research and related natural sciences. Since its inauguration, the SzRC has continuously strived to improve, as evidenced by the increasing number of publications year after year, the high level of grant activity and the continuous development of its research infrastructure. In recognition of its innovative activity, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office awarded the title of “Outstanding Research Infrastructure” to several research groups working in the Centre in 2021. In 2022, the SzRC was awarded the “Centre of Research Excellence” title of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. All these successes were commemorated by the staff and guests of the Research Centre at the Szentágothai Anniversary Day..
During the first half of the anniversary celebrations, participants were given an insight into the past and present of the Research Centre. The second half of the event focused on pure science. Three sessions presented the latest research results and future plans. The Molecular Biology session was chaired by Dr. Attila Gyenesei, Head of the Hungarian Centre for Genomics and Bioinformatics. In the session, renowned doctors and researchers from all over the country gave presentations on their research.
Prof. Dr. Attila Patócs: Germline variants in cancer predisposition genes as diagnostic and therapeutic targets
Prof. Dr. Molnár Mária Judit: From personalized to precision medicine
Prof. Dr. Bödör Csaba: Genomic profiling in onco(haemato)logy – State of the art
Dr. Kajtár Béla: Application of NGS in clinical practice at UPMS Pathology